Viber and Buzzfeed launch new chat feature

Mobile communications app Viber has partnered up with social news and entertainment company BuzzFeed to launch Viber Public Chat.

Viber Public Chat is said to give users an exclusive inside view into the most shareable stories and videos on the web. BuzzFeed’s social media editors, community moderators and editorial team will contribute to the ongoing Public Chat conversation, sharing news on Viber and adding their own commentary and discussion. Viber users can follow the conversations in real-time and interact with posts, indicating the content they like.

“We’re really excited that BuzzFeed is joining the conversation on Viber,”Mark Hardy, Viber’s CMO said. “This Public Chat gives Viber users the inside scoop on the most shareable content and allows them to experience breaking news, commentary and chat from the experts as it unfolds.”

Ben Ronne, BuzzFeed’s product lead, growth and data, added, “We’re always looking for new channels to expand our reach and Public Chats is a great opportunity to give Viber’s worldwide audience a way to discover and engage with BuzzFeed’s latest news, lifestyle, and entertainment content.”

The Public Chats Beta launched on Viber in November 2014, allowing users to discover, share and follow live discussions from a wide variety of celebrities, personalities and brands across many topics including music, sports, fashion, entertainment and more, using the familiar interface of instant messaging.