Verizon Media unveils its Yahoo Studio and a bold strategy going forward

Verizon Media, a division of Verizon, has revealed the expansion of new Yahoo Studio in Hong Kong, alongside its business momentum and growth plan for the next 180 days and the following year ahead in Hong Kong, addressing content-creating, advertising and technology.

As part of the Yahoo 20th anniversary celebration, Verizon Media has officially announced an expansion of new Yahoo Studio in Hong Kong. Equipped with the latest audio-visual production atelier for creating HD videos with virtual settings and motion capture capabilities, the studio aims to deliver professional television broadcaster grade production, 3D design programs for high-quality motion graphics. Yahoo TV live programs such as celebrity talk shows and Engadget Updates are produced in this studio.

Lorraine Cheung, head of audience, Verizon Media Hong Kong, said, “As virtual reality is boundless, Yahoo Studio can offer limitless creativity. Through this studio expansion in Hong Kong and APAC, we can strategically innovate all forms of video content for our users.”

In the second half of 2019, Yahoo will deliver its first-ever Yahoo Hong Kong Virtual Character. This Virtual Character will not only be a Yahoo KOL but also a co-host of Yahoo’s home-grown TV programs, delivering content to users and enhancing user experiences with fun interactions, adding more dimensions to conversation.

Supported by Verizon, Yahoo Hong Kong has also launched its own rewards system. The “Yahoo Rewards” Membership Program on the Yahoo App was launched in late April. Users can earn points with their daily online engagement such as polling, following groups, e-shopping, and content consumption.

In addition, the company will roll out a “Good Deeds Good Life” campaign in Yahoo App, allowing users to earn points by sharing social cause and goodness in its community.

As one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, Verizon has recently streamlined and focused on three core business units– Verizon Consumer, Verizon Business, and Verizon Media units. These business units share the same brand equity of Trust and Innovation.

On the XR advertising front, Verizon Media recently unveiled a first-in-market programmatic VR offering for DSP users, which helps advertisers seamlessly extend existing display and video assets into fully immersive and consumer-first VR environments. 

“Through innovation and scale, Verizon Media is connecting brands and consumers in unique and meaningful ways. In Hong Kong, we are driving performance and quality through data insights, creating an ecosystem that spans content, commerce, search and social, and providing access to the industry’s most premium solutions built for brand safety and control,” said Rico Chan, managing director of Verizon Media Hong Kong, Japan and INSEA.