Vacuum brand causes uproar over “fire Indonesian maids” copy

A vacuum cleaner brand Robovac Malaysia has gotten itself in hot water with Indonesian authorities over an ad it called “utterly insensitive” to its citizens working as maids in Malaysia.

The ad, seen on social media said: “Fire your Indonesian maid now!” reported The Guardian. 

“The ad by the private company Robovac is utterly insensitive and demeaning to the people of Indonesia,” said the Indonesian embassy in Malaysia, in a statement and urging Malaysian authorities to ban the ad. According to the article, The Indonesian embassy said the ad has since been removed from circulation.

Meanwhile, Robovac has seen its site hacked into, according to The Malay Mail.

The site was found defaced with this text “Please be nice to our sisters, they have family, they have kids. They are all need to eat, need to school, need to live, not like your rob-bot [sic],” said the text labelled as “Warning”.

“Don't forget we are Indonesian people will protect them. Your advertisement is not very funny at all. You drop our people dignity at your feet. Thank you. : )” it said.

According to The Malay Mail, Corvan Technologies that distributes the robotic vacuum cleaner in Malaysia, denied involvement, blaming it on an unauthorised dealer.

Relations have been strained over Malaysia and Indonesia in the past over the treatment of domestic helpers from the latter.