Uth Creative opens entertainment marketing sector with Raymond Man as GM

Uth Creative Group has announced the opening of a new sector to its organisation, Uth Entertainment Marketing. The company has appointed Raymond Man as general manager.

The new part of the agency will focus on finding organic and effective ways to reach consumers using facets of the entertainment world to promote and market brands.

Man has over 18 years of entertainment industry experience, having served in both PR and senior artist manager roles. Man was notably the manager of celebrity actor/singer ChiLam Cheung and several other major artists under HMV Group. Other previous roles of his include acting as managing director of HMV Digital China Group and as senior marketing manager of the karaoke chain, California Red Group.  He has gained a reputation of successfully building mutually beneficial relationships between pop culture entities and brands via celebrity endorsements, events, and product placements.

Desmond So, CEO and founder of Uth Creative Group said “We are so excited to have Raymond on board to set up the ecosystem exclusively for our company. With the increasing role of entertainment marketing in HK & Greater China, we strive to bring in value-added services to our clients. His rich multi-category experience, a strong interpersonal relationship in the Asian entertainment industry and the great passion for this fast-changing market will bring new energy and initiate accelerating growth."