Uth Creative and iNNN Creative Solutions part ways

Uth Creative group's co-founder and creative partner Charles Wong has left the agency after 6 years, to run his spin-off creative agency, "iNNN Creative Solutions", effective 1 April.

Originally a subsidiary company of Uth, the now independent agency is located in Kwun Tong, with around 10 members in the team. Wong told Marketing the team is a mixture of new and past colleagues from Uth.

The agency serves a variety of clients that Wong took creative leadership on while he was still at Uth.

"It was a friendly departure," Wong explained. "Me and Desmond(Uth's managing partner) had a clear division of labour and responsibilities for a long time. Earlier this year, we decided to spin off iNNN from Uth, as two companies."

While the two companies retain a friendly relationship, Wong said iNNN is fully independent in operation.

"The new agency will take a clear positioning on digital to provide digital and O2O solutions," he said, adding that the three Ns stand for innovation, industry insight and inspirations.

On that note, Wong plans to keep his new agency on a small scale to consolidate the existing team, as well as serve only a small collection of clients to forge closer relationships and provide more exclusive services.

"We are still in the 'honeymoon' period, so what I'm most focused on currently is to establish a fun, warm and work-life-balanced culture in the company," Wong said.

Desmond So, managing partner at Uth Creative Group, commented that it was a friendly decision between the two to part ways, and that Uth is not looking for replacements.

Prior to founding Uth, Wong and So were the deputy executive creative director and CEO at JWT respectively.