Leo Burnett confirms suing Tan Chui Mui and Da Huang Pictures

Leo Burnett Malaysia has confirmed to A+M that it will be suing filmmaker Tan Chui Mui and her film production company Da Huang Pictures.

In a statement to A+M on Thursday, Leo Burnett announced it will, “be initiating legal proceedings against Tan Chui Mui and other parties (Da Huang Pictures).” The advertising giant adds it does not see social media as an appropriate platform to “ventilate” a dispute.

“Leo Burnett will not comment further on the issue on social media and will let the courts decide on the matter,” it said.

The announcement comes not long after the company issued a demand letter to both Tan and Da Huang Pictures to retract recent plagiarism allegations made against the advertising giant over the Rubber Boy commercial.

The Rubber Boy spot was created during Chinese New Year this year for clients Petronas by Leo Burnett and has over three million views to date.  It drew its inspiration from Malaysian values which is about counting blessings to inspire prosperity and happiness.

Rubber Boy revolves around the relationship between a mother and her son, capturing facets of their relationship.

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