UNO celebrates '50 years of being wild' with new tagline, unveils special editions

Mattel has unveiled 50th anniversary editions of its UNO game, celebrating the occasion with a new logo and tagline "Fifty Years of Being Wild". The anniversary editions include a 70s Iconic Series, a version with remix cards, and an updated version of UNO Attack. A 50th Anniversary premium card set and a card deck are also included in the new editions.

UNO was first developed in 1971 in a barbershop in Cincinnati, Ohio and has since expanded into more than 80 countries. According to the company, 17 decks are sold every minute. Ray Adler, global head of Mattel Games, said UNO's 50th anniversary is a year-long celebration of the brand's past, present, and future, combining its roots of inclusivity and simplicity as well as a passionate global fan base. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Mattel for additional information on the rebranding.

uno 50th premium card set

Along with the new editions, UNO is also hosting its first-ever official UNO Championship Series featuring a grand prize of US$50,000. Throughout the year, it will also be hosting celebratory games and streams with fans and partners across digital platforms, including the UNO mobile app and platform game.

This year, it plans to collaborate with a variety of iconic names across art, fashion, sports, and more to create uniquely designed products from popular names and brands. This move builds on its commitment to develop diverse partnerships that build inclusive, sustainable, and culturally relevant products. In recent years, UNO has released UNO Braille as well as UNO ColorADD for the colour blind. Meanwhile, its UNO Artiste Series also pays homage to influential artists by infusing art directly into a premium deck.

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