Uniqlo enters theatre scene, ties up with Crazy Rich Asians actress Tan Kheng Hua

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has made its debut in theatre as it launches a play with local actress-producer Tan Kheng Hua (pictured). Tan, who plays Constance Wu's character's mother in latest film Crazy Rich Asians, teamed up with Uniqlo and led the production of the play called “Modest Travels” which is also part of the clothing brand's 2018 winter campaign.

According to Channel News Asia (CNA), the guided theatre play was based on inspiration from four individuals in Singapore and their travel stories which was submitted online to the Uniqlo site by fans. The play features performers Inch Chua, Zee Wong, Timothy Wan, Sangeetha Dorai, Irfan Kasban and Ali Khan who will be travelling to India, Morocco, Uzbekistan and Europe which were the travel destinations chosen from the submissions.

The article added that Uniqlo will be showcasing the featured clothing and style guides in each of the destinations after the play. The play rolls out in mid September for two days and will be held at the colonial bungalows in Temenggong road. In addition, the cost of tickets for the play can be fully redeemed for Uniqlo essentials after the event. Marketing has contacted Uniqlo for more details on its marketing efforts.

This was not the first time brands have moved into theatre production. Earlier this month, DBS Bank brought its content marketing push to life commissioning a musical based on its 10 episode web mini-series, SPARKS. This was in a bid to also celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Online, the 10-part mini-series garnered over 150 million views, and the musical by Singapore theatre company Pangdemonium will aim to showcase Team DBS’ camaraderie and passion for serving their clients, as well as their trials and tribulations. It serves as a tribute to the bank’s pioneers, as well as leaders and staff who have shaped DBS over the years.

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(Photo courtesy: Tan Kheng Hua Facebook)