#UninstallGoJek trends online after executive voices support for LGBT inclusivity

#UninstallGoJek has started trending online after a post written by one of its executives supporting LGBT diversity and inclusion made its rounds online, according to media reports online.

The executive, who is GO-JEK’s vice president of operations and business development spoke of how the company had launched an internal campaign called #GOingALLin, which was launched in light of Coming Out Day, The Jakarta Post reported. According to the publication, the executive said he was proud the company was taking a "non-discrimination policy toward the underrepresented group" such as the LGBT community.

Since the saga, GO-JEK has also released a statement on Twitter saying that the post was a “personal opinion and interpretation” of one of its employees about an internal event with the theme of diversity.  According to The Jakarta Post, the company also said it respected diversity but also “respected Indonesian values and culture”.

The #UninstallGoJek hashtag, trending on Twitter since Saturday night, drew mixed reactions. GO-JEK users were seen posting screenshots of uninstalling their apps, while others came to GO-JEK’s defence pointing out similar LGBT stances taken by other technology companies which also produce widely used apps and services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and more.

Comparisons to competitor Grab were also drawn in the saga, with many netizens questioning why #UninstallGoJek was trending when competitor Grab was also getting flak for its recent handling of a sexual harassment and misconduct matter surrounding one of its drivers.

Marketing Interactive has reached out to GO-JEK for comment.

Most recently, GO-JEK entered the advertising business through its acquisition of Promogo, an advertisement provider company. The deal will also culminate in GO-JEK providing full support for the cost incurred for the production of advertising material, while driver partners receive net income from every advertisement placed.

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