Unilever's Vaseline Singapore gets into the documentary scene about elderly

Unilever's Vaseline Singapore and Viddsee, a video entertainment platform based in Singapore, have created social documentaries to target elderly Singaporeans. The social documentary which showcases the lifelong pursuit of two elderly folks' life-long passion, was created as part of Vaseline Singapore's brand awareness campaign, based around its tagline of "Healing Skin for Generations since 1870.”

It aimed to leverage on the stories of elderly subjects who are still actively working, and show how they use Vaseline in their life and work. Directed by Singaporean filmmaker Ng Yiqin, the two-episode documentary featured 76-year old cobbler, Lee Tai Chin, and 71-year old blade sharpener, Lee Hwee Chin. Since its postings, the videos have garnered over 450,000 views.

In a statement, Viddsee expressed “no further plans to extend the campaign beyond the platforms it is currently on” as the series was meant to “engage an audience that is increasingly consuming content online, especially on mobile devices.”