Unilever's Chiradeep Gupta shifts to UK, bags global media strategy director role

Unilever’s Chiradeep Gupta has been appointed as the global media strategy director in London office. He was last holding the global media director role in Singapore for three years.  Gupta joined Unilever in 2011 and began as a global media innovation manager.

Prior to his commitment at Unilever, he was the ASEAN regional director at Starcom for two years. He also held roles such as communications manager, associate director for innovation, regional director and many others. He has worked in both India and Singapore. He had first joined Starcom India in 2001.

Speaking at a Marketing conference in 2015, Gupta had then said, "Performance from Unilever’s perspective is about building brand love through unlocking the market’s potential. At the end of the day everything we do is to get brand love and to get there we have to unlock the magic."

The marketing world today is much more connected and data rich compared to in the past. Historically, there have always been two distinct worlds in the marketing function – branding and performance. While branding folks were more concerned about impression and views, the performance team defined success through clicks and acquisition.

He added that in the past few years, the two worlds between performance and branding have also been blurring as more and more consumers embrace the online world. The rise of the digital world is also making brands more accountable for their actions.

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