Unilever to build cross-media measurement model to put CX 'at the forefront'

Unilever is building a cross-media measurement model to help brands measure and understand campaign impact across the media landscape. The model will combine existing industry measurement tools into a "best-in-class system" that measures a campaign audience, audience reaction, campaign impact and sustained impact over the short, medium and long-term.

The FMCG giant, with help from its partners, seeks to create a system that will operate across multiple markets to offer a global solution, and not only puts privacy first, but puts consumer experience at the forefront of the advertising ecosystem in an innovative way. To accelerate solutions for the industry, Unilever has also engaged the World Federation of Advertisers and other industry bodies, to invite other brands, platforms and publishers to join in efforts to further develop the holistic measurement system.

In 2018, Unilever launched the Responsibility Framework, which deepened and broadened its approach to partner engagement through commitments to ensure responsible platforms, content and infrastructure. Under the commitment to Responsible Infrastructure, over the past year Unilever has made steps towards building a model that offers brands real transparency of media performance, assessing unduplicated reach and impact across publishers, platforms and screens in a privacy-safe way. According to the press statement, this progress was made by working closely and proactively with digital advertising and measurement partners to address industry needs around holistic media measurement.

Unilever's CMO Keith Weed said that to realise the company's vision of a more transparent and high-quality digital ecosystem, its partnerships have been, and will remain, instrumental in developing an always-on, privacy-safe model for cross media measurement."We are hugely encouraged that our digital and measurement partners worked with us to enable these significant steps towards solving the challenge of holistic media measurement. This represents a genuine willingness across the industry to find creative, effective solutions to shared issues,” he said.