Unilever Food Solutions shares a taste of CNY with chefs

Unilever’s prestigious catering brand, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) has launched a campaign for the upcoming Chinese New Year season that aims to create emotional bonds with their key target audience: chefs.

Together with Isobar, UFS conceptualised “The Taste of Reunion Is Not Complete Without You”, a social marketing campaign that leverages the true meaning of Chinese New Year, which is all about celebrating family reunions. The campaign enables chefs, who cannot go home, to still be able to share the happiness and warmth of family time.


The campaign is comprised of a three-phased communications plan which aims to resonate with its target audience as well as encouraging consumer engagement and social sharing through prize redemption, interactive webpages within WeChat, voice messaging, viral videos and “Time-Limited Red Pocket Rush".


Focusing on the campaign theme, the "Heart Together" video communicated homesickness, a feeling that chefs can easily identify with. The video was promoted through innovative live feeds in WeChat and QQ Space, the two social channels that chefs visit the most.

By collaborating with Isobar and the Tencent Big Data platform, UFS’ Spring Festival campaign was able to categorise the chefs under different tags so as to launch the ads more precisely, making it the first B2B brand in China to release an organic commercial on the Moments live feed in WeChat.

Amanda Jia, senior trade marketing manager, Unilever Food Solutions said the true essence of marketing remains centred on content creation that’s based on the right insight.

“On the basis of the genuine emotional insights we received from chefs, the campaign covers heart-warming initiatives, which not only touches tens of thousands of chefs, but also ourselves. The insights of our target audience are always the focus of our marketing, even for a B2B campaign. Only through this, can we fully engage with our target audience.”

To date, the campaign has increased the brand’s followers on social, crossing over the one million mark. Meanwhile, communications efforts on WeChat have yielded outstanding results, evidenced by the record 300,000 views for one post.