‘Ultimate party’ for Heineken enthusiasts

Heineken has launched a through-the-line marketing campaign to reaffirm its position as a premium international beer brand and engage with target consumers in new and unique ways.

Helping out Heineken in this initiative are Formul8 for the interactive components, MindShare as its media agency and Bates 141 and APB Corp Comms for PR.

After the Heineken House Party last month where international musician Corrine Gibbons performed, it has launched the Heineken DraughtKeg Bash, which will provide one Heineken enthusiast a chance to host "the ultimate party of the year". The bash will run through till 21 September.

Customers can log on to Heineken's website (www.heineken.com.sg) and pick their party theme, music and crew. The top five "hosts", determined by the highest RSVP rate on 21 September, will be shortlisted and a winner will be chosen by Heineken.

"The Heineken DraughtKeg allows us to provide premium quality draught beer experiences, in any setting. The Heineken DraughtKeg Bash is proof of this, and a demonstration of how innovation can help make the dream party come alive for our consumers," said  Desmond Tan, marketing manager for Heineken in Singapore.

The campaign is complemented by other components such as a TVC, outdoor advertising as well as in-store consumer promotions.