Uber scraps plan to move Asian HQ to Hong Kong

Uber has decided to scrap its plan to relocate its headquarters to Hong Kong from Singapore as the company said the Hong Kong government did not offer "the level of certainty" that it needs. 

In a statement, the ride-share company said it was ready to move its APAC headquarters to Hong Kong from Singapore if it saw progress on ride-sharing regulations. However, although Uber has seen strong public support, the Hong Kong government has not offered the level of certainty that it needs, so Uber has decided to keep Singapore as its regional hub for the medium term.

Uber has been operating in Hong Kong for six years but its doubt has remained over the legality of the rides since the drivers carry passengers without a hire-car permit. Apart from this, taxi drivers in Hong Kong are resistant to the legalisation of Uber's service.

According to the South China Morning Post, a source at Uber said its earlier offer to set up its regional hub in Hong Kong, as well as an innovation and engineering hub, was now under review. It also revealed that the Hong Kong government had never met with Uber to discuss the ride-sharing company's proposals.

Though hope of legalising its services here are up in the air, Uber is not quitting the Hong Kong market and is still hopingfor an open dialogue with the Hong Kong Government.

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