Uber passengers can report minor issues on the road through new discreet feature

Uber has rolled out a new on-trip reporting feature and strengthened its mask verification function to better protect passengers and drivers.

The on-trip reporting feature allows passengers to report safety issues without any emergency in real-time, such as harsh braking or inappropriate remarks. Prior to the addition of this feature, passengers need to report their cases after their trips are done.

Uber said by creating an additional reporting channel that provides riders with a discreet, in-the-moment option to report non-emergency situations, passengers can share feedback with the company immediately, which helps Uber pinpoint issues and improve safety solutions.

Apart from this feature, earlier this year, Uber built an innovative technology that verifies whether drivers of Uber and delivery-partners of Uber Eats have worn a mask. The company has expanded the same technology to passengers. If a driver reports to the company that a passenger does not wear a mask, the passenger will be required to take a selfie with their face covered before they’re able to take another trip with Uber.

Passengers and driver-partners can cancel a trip without penalty if the other person isn’t wearing a mask.

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