Uber ad slamming SMRT breakdowns confirmed to be fake

You might have caught a glimpse of an Uber ad online throwing SMRT under the bus. The image in question mocks the recent train disruptions and breakdowns experienced by SMRT through the copy “SMRT break down again? Wait for what? UBER lah.”

SMRT has clarified that the ad is not one which is running on its platforms. Marketing understands it was fabricated online. Uber too confirmed that the ad was not created by the company.

On its Facebook page, Uber said:

“With one quarter of rides in Singapore starting and ending at a train station, we take pride in being able to complement public transit. We appreciate the work that SMRT is doing."

SMRT also followed up with a statement of its own while sharing Uber's statement on Facebook. This saw the company thanking Uber for clarifying the ad.

"The ad circulating online is in bad taste and it's not funny especially to our people who are working so hard 24/7," the SMRT Facebook post read.

Most recently, a possible "strategic alliance" between Uber and ComfortDelGo Corporation made news. This was over the management of fleet vehicles and booking software solutions in Singapore.

Earlier this month, with the help of BBH, Uber ran a social media campaign titled #NationalPoolDay to rally Singaporeans (and its competitor) to come together in the spirit of this year’s national day theme and share rides for a greener ​National Day.