UA Finance launches worry free Hong Kong promotional campaign

Personal loan provider UA Finance (UA) has launched a Hong Kong promotional campaign focused on the bevy of services it has on offer.

The “Let go of your worries, live your ideal life” campaign is keen to sell Hongkongers on the idea that the ease of applying for a loan through its multiple channels provides a welcome respite from the stress they are under.

The campaign features online image ads and a hero video ad promoting several elements of what it calls its 360-degree multi channels. These include; UA’’s extensive network of 49 Hong Kong branches, its “YES UA” Mobile App, the “24x7” online approval and cash transfer loan services, the "NO SHOW" personal loan hotline service.

Akihiro Nagahara, managing director and CEO of UA, said, “Now we are undergoing a challenging and uneasy moment under the threat of virus, our daily lives have been affected in different ways and things may be out of our control. As one of leading and prestigious financial company in Hong Kong, adhering to the service motto of ‘Customers First’ and ‘Serving with Sincerity’, UA will keep realizing our motto to help customers to ‘let go of worries’ by offering flexible and comprehensive loan solutions to cater every need of them, enabling them to get the loan solution that best fits every one of them anytime, anywhere!

UA says the ability for users to stay home and complete applications has already shown positive results. Over the past two months, the brand has recorded growth of 40% in applications for i-Money Internet personal loans and “NO SHOW” personal loans, compared to the same period last year.

Lastly, the brand has also introduced a new incentive scheme. Until 29 April 2020, all new customers that successfully apply for an i-Money Internet personal loan or a “NO SHOW” personal loan through UA’s online channels will be awarded an HKTVmall eGift voucher or a Foodpanda voucher worth HK$300. UA states it specifically picked these vouchers based on their suitability during the current COVID-19 pandemic, as users can stay safe home to enjoy online shopping or food delivery.

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