U Mobile uses #UCubaTry campaign to turn 'affordable' image around

U Mobile is offering consumers a chance to try its network over a seven-day period via the #UCubaTry Money-Back-Guarantee campaign. This is in a bid to showcase its improved network and how it is fully capable of supporting everyone's mobile digital needs. The campaign allows consumers to enjoy key offerings of U Mobile's Unlimited HERO P99 postpaid plan, which allows for unlimited streaming, chatting gaming and social networking with the unlimited data available.

In a statement to A+M, Jenny Chin, head of marketing services at U Mobile, said most consumers perceive U Mobile to be affordable because of its poor network coverage. However, its network team has worked "very hard" to improve its coverage over the past year and the telco is confident that consumers will be satisfied with its network performance.

According to Chin, #UCubaTry came about as it wanted to showcase the idea of its network improvement with something colloquial and simple yet impactful. The creative process, Chin said, was "challenging" for the team this time round as it needed to balance its usual quirkiness while communicating to consumers that U Mobile has made serious improvements to its network.

"We worked closely with the creative agency to develop multiple pieces of communication that were locally relevant to the different states, highlighting the various upgrades applicable across the nation. The assets were also tailored to different mediums to gain maximum impact," she said. While Chin did not provide specific numbers for the ROI of its current campaign, she said U Mobile aims to build to a size comparable to other licensed operations in Malaysia.

The #UCubaTry campaign comprises three pillars. Both its seven-day money-back network trial and mobile number portability (MNP) rebate will run until 31 October 2019 while its RM0.99 smartphone promotion is valid while stocks last. U Mobile has implemented a 360-degree integrated media campaign leveraging on a diverse mix of above the line and below the line assets.

Chin said it is taking a three-pronged approach, with its main focus being to push the #UCubaTry seven-day money-back network trial. This will be followed by the RM0.99 smartphone deal for consumers who are seeking for a new device. In the meantime, it is also running its MNP rebates for consumers of other telcos to encourage port-ins. "We tailored this strategy based on users’ need states and contexts to ensure there was something for everyone," she added.

U Mobile currently works with TBWA\, The Clan, Isobar, Reprise, BPN and Brandscope Malaysia.

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