U Mobile takes cheeky jab at Celcom for social media booboo

U Mobile has taken a cheeky jab at Celcom Axiata on social media after the latter accidentally featured U Mobile in a social media post. Celcom previously shared a tip with consumers about iPhone's SOS feature where the mobile phone was using U Mobile for LTE coverage instead of Celcom.

In response to Celcom's initial Facebook post, which has since been removed, U Mobile responded, "What can we say? Everyone loves U." The post is still on U Mobile's facebook page.

In a statement to A+M, Jasmine Lee, CMO of U Mobile, said fun and humour have always been in its DNA. "When we saw the posting from Celcom, the marketing team decided to show Celcom our gratitude for recognising our network strength by giving them a gentle nudge back," she said.

A+M has reached out to Celcom for comment.

Netizens poked fun at Celcom for the oversight, with some saying that social media campaigns should be checked before running them online. Meanwhile, a few netizens have pointed out that U Mobile should first improve on its coverage before teasing others.

Meanwhile, U Mobile launched "The Giler Unlimited Plan" campaign in July to promote its new mobile plan which features unlimited data for the price of RM30. The campaign combined a multitude of things no one ever thought would fit together, resulting in “crazy creatures” being created as the core of the Giler Unlimited collaterals. These include the Avopenguin, which combines the avocado, the Millennial craze, and the penguin, one of the most meme-ed animals.