Twitter: We need better analytics

What is the one thing Twitter should have fixed? It is analytics, according to chief revenue officer Adam Bain.

"But that's one thing you will see us invest in, going ahead," Bain (pictured) said, adding that the Bluefin acquisition was really about acquiring better analytics.

Twitter acquired the social TV data analytics startup last month.

"Definitely, one of the things I'd like to see is evolution of attribution," he added, speaking at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit.

Twitter also recently partnered with Adobe to create its ads API to allow marketers to scale larger ad campaigns on its network. And in the past year, it has invested heavily in monetisation strategy launching Promoted Tweets.

As for users, Bain said he hoped to be able to make content more relevant for consumers in terms of suggesting who to follow and which tweets to show consumers that they might be interested in.

He argued there were great examples of people using the site to drive sales and outdo competitors.

Citing results from beta tests the company has been running on Promoted Tweets, Bain said there has been a 20% lift in users who were exposed to Promoted Tweets.

"Results were 22% in brand recall, 10% in brand favourability for those who actually retweeted an ad and 53% increase in purchase intent," he added.

NOTE: Adobe paid for the reporter's flights and accommodation to the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013.