TVB's yet-to-air PR drama series turns into PR disaster

Kissing women in the elevator, throwing thousands of dollars of cash into the air to compensate for breaking a glass, or throwing his Lamborghini key away as the parking valet frightfully catches it - no kidding, these Wolf of Wall Street-like characters are playing the roles of PR directors and account directors in TVB's latest public relations industry-based drama series, Two Steps From Heaven (幕後玩家).

Watch these trailers posted by TVB:

The drama show focuses in the PR industry, with a plot revolving around the intense competition between PR agencies and the darker sides of the human conscience (or lack thereof).

"We play the world," said one of the characters played by Bosco Wong (王宗澤). "Reach the C1 (top news on the entertainment page), and break the internet - there you do your job," said the other played by Louis Cheung (張繼聰).

"So reaching C1 and breaking the internet are your final goal. Whether the buzz is positive or negative, are they the messages you want to deliver, or are there further activations - who cares?" mocked the Facebook page Madman Monologue, criticising the show's shallow understanding of PR's duties.

The page added that the TV show is far too male-focused. "The male characters are surrounded and worshiped by female co-workers, who even say they are looking forward to the men's show. So you think female co-workers are just eye candy? Women in this industry can take care of everything, even heavy lifting!"

Ever since the trailer was released, the representations have drawn much attention from the industry.

"I'm a PR, but I would be the one frightfully catching the keys," commented one of them. "If you are THAT impolite, you are doomed to failure in the industry," suggested another. Some said they wish they would have earned so much that they could afford to have a Lamborghini.

"This video make me feel like a zero," cried some of them on the Lamborghini scene.

Another suggested that the TV broadcaster could have framed digital marketers like a CIA agents or hackers, "In a similar sense, they could have filmed digital marketers in a way that they could connect the internet to a North Korean satellite, and dig one's information out in 30 seconds..."

Yet another commented that they never wear evening gowns to office.

The drama show has clearly broken the internet and secured quite some media coverage, as suggested in the trailer, but the negative buzz might not be what they are looking for.