Turkish Airline's new magical safety video to enchant passengers

Airlines are trying everything in their power to differentiate themselves, and the latest battlefield: in-flight safety videos.

From high-school musical style, 80s pop-culture style, to the theatrical Hobbit style, the airlines are discarding the standard dull, corporate approach traditionally used in videos, and employing fun, inventive elements to make an impression.

Turkish Airlines joined the fun with a new in-flight video that brings YouTuber Zach King on board to sprinkle a bit of magic over the otherwise dull procedure.

Magic tricks like turning passengers into children, or turning T-shirts into real life jackets have all kept us watching all the way to the end.

The video released on Turkish Airline's Facebook page has generated 1.4m views, 27k likes, nearly 8k shares and more than 570 comments within 2 days.

"Great idea to loosen up the tension before the flight and combine safety with fun! Surely passengers will get more out of it than the usual stuff," commented one of the viewers.