Turkish Airlines does its own sequel with a Lego Movie 2 safety video

Banking on the massive success of its August 2018 LEGO Movie inflight safety video, Turkish Airlines has released another adorable brick-based inflight safety video in partnership with The LEGO Movie 2.

As the film is quick to point out in its opening moments. it's hard to resist a sequel to a success. So as Warner Bros. Pictures releases The LEGO Movie 2 in cinemas worldwide, the blockbuster franchise's charming cast of characters returns to demonstrate onboard safety measures for a Turkish Airlines plane. The original 2018 video won gold at that year’s Clio Entertainment Awards and gained 20 million views in just one month, so its unsurprising that Turkish Airlines is checking to see if the charm holds up. Thankfully, it’s a hoot.


Framed around Batman’s ego-driven attempt to direct his masterpiece, the four-minute and 27-second long film is a delightful whirlwind tour of a selection of the national carrier’s worldwide destinations. These include LEGO versions of Bali, Moscow, San Francisco, Rome, Cape Town, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The film ends at the real-life location of Turkish Airlines’ home base - the brand new Istanbul Airport - which opened in October 2018.

Though the film is short in comparison to the length of a feature film, production was intense. It lasted a staggering 979 hours, involving over 400 people (including 252 extras, 80 crew, and 70 animators) for four months across Turkey, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Impressively, the video team used an incredible 20,330,795 LEGO bricks to construct all its locations, over 10 times the amount used on the 2018 safety video. The Cape Town scene in the film alone features a mind-boggling 24,000 LEGO minifigures. Turkish Airlines is producing 11 separate versions of the video (in English and Turkish) to accommodate the differences in the 28 different types of aircraft in its fleet.

In a statement, M. İlker Aycı, Turkish Airlines’ chairman of the board and the executive committee said, “With one of the youngest fleets in the world, Turkish Airlines continues to build on its peerless brand experience. We are excited to present our passengers with this new innovative safety video as we prepare to make our move to Istanbul Airport, designed from the ground up to be an unprecedented experience by itself.”

In addition to the film, Turkish Airlines will be wrapping the body of its Airbus A321-231 in special LEGO Movie 2 livery as it serves the carrier’s European routes.

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