Trust in government at an all-time low [VIDEO]

Hong Kong's business and government leaders have suffered some of the worst drops in trust globally, following several high-profile scandals, a new study has found.

According to Edelman's 2014 Trust Barometer, the results reflect the SAR public's worst opinion of government and the private sector since the survey started in 2011.

Trust in business institutions fell below the global average of 58% to just 49%. But the biggest drop was the Hong Kong government, which suffered an 18 point decrease to just 45% - the largest decrease of any country surveyed.

Edelman said it was a worrying fact that only 16% of the general public trust government leaders to tell the truth, regardless of how complex or unpopular.

There are consequences to this lack of trust, said Alan VanderMolen, vice chairman of DJE Holdings, the parent company of Edelman. In this video he tells Marketing what the Hong Kong government can do to turn around failing trust issues and the lessons for business.

The public relations firm interviewed 1,200 people in the SAR between October and November, along with similar numbers of people in 26 other countries and territories around the world.