TripAdvisor unveils new sponsorship slots for tourism bodies

TripAdvisor has announced a new sponsorship opportunity for tourism organisations intent on driving increased engagement of their content within the travel platform's newly revamped destination search pages.

The new destination sponsorship offers media buyers a platform to showcase and shape their story as well as connect to travellers who are actively seeking new ideas on where to stay, dine or visit. The new destination sponsorship includes a cover photo with the destination branding  placed at the top of a destination-specific travel feed page, photo albums in which the first 10 photos are curated within the destination-specific travel feed page, a 300 x 250/300 x 600 ad placement display within the travel feed and a discovery shelf, which serves as a shelf of engaging content within the destination-specific travel feed that promotes the selected destination through a mix of trips, articles and videos.

According to a recent analysis by TripAdvisor, from more than 300 destination marketing partners utilising the new sponsored content offering within the travel feed, an aggregate 25 percent increase in content engagement can be seen.

The destination sponsorship is the first of many sponsored products aimed at helping to elevate valued partner content to more relevant, high intent travellers throughout their journey on the TripAdvisor platform.

Christine Maguire, vice president, advertising revenue for TripAdvisor said that research continues to indicate that travel planning is a joyous and exciting time for most TripAdvisor users.

“Our platform allows our tourism partners to do two key things: reach more travellers and share differentiated experiences. By using rich media, inclusive of vibrant imagery, video and curated travel experiences, our partners can influence and reach more travellers during the exact moment when they are most open to discovering new places to visit." she added.