TripAdvisor launches ‘Delayed Ad Call’

TripAdvisor launched the ‘Delayed Ad Call', designed to increase clients' confidence in the value of display advertising as well as the impact it has on the way that online advertising is measured.

This initiative works by only making the ad call once a user views the ad unit on TripAdvisor's page. With this initiative, partners of TripAdvisor will now only ever pay for advertising that is seen by a user on the site.

Cindy Tan (pictured), vice president of display advertising sales, Asia Pacific at TripAdvisor said, advertisers can now be fully confident that the results that they are measuring on TripAdvisor are a real and true representation of their media investment.

"Our clients are always looking for measurable results and confidence in the media they are buying, whether that is for a Branding or a ROI campaign," added Tan.

Most online publishers, networks and trading desks provide a disparate environment with many ad placements per page which are often multiple times below the fold, in positions that a user never actually sees.

According to a study by AdSafe Media, 50% of ads bought directly on publisher sites were never seen by the user, and 60% of ads on networks and exchanges were never seen by the intended user.

ComScore carried out a similar study which revealed a strong correlation between time-in-view and conversion, meaning that ads in view longer perform much better.