Have you tried the mannequin challenge yet?

After the ALS Bucket Challenge, Harlem shake and PPAP, a new bizarre “freezing” video has swept through the internet, and has become the new internet sensation in a short while.

And, if you haven’t seen it in your social media feeds, it is called the Mannequin challenge.

It is a short video which showcases people standing motionless for approximately a minute, while person films the entire scene, with close ups and long shots of the mannequin-like people.

This “viral movement” was started by students in the USA with clips featuring “frozen” people on the Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles featuring Gucci Mane.

While the craze has got the people talking, what is in it for brands?

In a matter of weeks, this challenge has garnered mass viewership and high engagement. Hence, it is only fair that brands across the world would use this challenge to their leverage and reach across to a wide range of audience.

While this viral bug has bitten global brands, local players in Singapore have "frozen" too.

Here is how:

Resorts World Singapore 

The video has over 21,000 views and over a 100 shares.


It has more than 113,049 views and over a 1000 likes.

Singapore Airlines

This video has more than 1,125,000 views and 39,000 likes.

This has over 30,000 views and 250 shares.


Fitness First

The video has generated over 4000 views and over 300 likes.


Singapore Red Cross

The video has generated over 2000 views.


Fitworx Malaysia

The video has generated over 300 views.


Storm Malaysia

The video has over 150, 000 views.