Tribal Worldwide partners with educators to bring math to life on National Day

Four mathematics educators - professors Choy Ban Heng, Chua Boon Liang, Toh Pee Choon, and Yeo Boon Wooi Joseph - have partnered with Tribal Worldwide Singapore and Equator to unveil an informative website for National Day. Equator is a global centre of excellence for technology and innovation launched by DDB Worldwide and operated by Tribal Worldwide Singapore.

Known as "Count on me Singapore: Sum of the things that make us Singaporean", the bright-red website brings to life mathematical concepts by demonstrating how Singaporeans can use mathematics in their daily lives. The formulas and equations used are concepts covered in a secondary school textbook, which most Singaporeans are able to relate to.

"Count on me Singapore" showcases 10 "uniquely" local situations where mathematics can help in decision-making, such as whether Singaporeans should ride a bike or take the train, how much ones has to save for his/her retirement, and which mobile data plan to get. In celebration of National Day, website also showcases a variety of graphics that are representative of Singapore, including traditional ice cream carts and 4D coupons.

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“This is a National Day gift from all of us to Singapore, and we hope the public will enjoy and relate to the examples in the scenarios presented,” the professors said.

This website even caught the attention of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who shared it on his Facebook page, calling it a "fun website" offering "a non-formulaic way to celebrate National Day". "You don’t need an A1 to appreciate these, but a sense of humour helps," Prime Minister Lee added.

Now you know why algebra was so important in school!