Travel vlogger Nas Daily sets up in Singapore

Nas Daily, a channel known for its one-minute videos on social media, is moving its company in the United States to Singapore. Content creator Alyne Tamir announced this in an Instagram post today. On the reasons why Singapore was chosen for the move of Nas Daily, Tamir said that Singapore is "the hub of Asia, and arguably a major hub of the world."

She also highlighted Singapore's airport, traffic and people as some of the positives.

Over the past few months, the Nas Daily team, fronted by Nuseir Yassin, has produced several videos about the little red dot. The crew is known to create content that showcases different cultures, societal challenges and unique places around the world. Singapore came into view in August, when the vlogger post six videos about the country in a span of one week.

Yassin’s (the main blogger) visit saw two brands – Changi Airport Group and Sports Hub – being thrust into the spotlight. In September, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also made a cameo in a Nas Daily video about Singapore being an "almost perfect country." More recently, NTUC Income partnered with Nas Daily on Facebook in October to feature Yassin in its retirement campaign.