Trapper Media Group rebrands to Trapper to showcase 'growth engineers' spirit

Trapper Media Services has rebranded to Trapper and launched a new logo and purpose tagline "The Growth Engineers". The three-month rebranding exercise was led by CEO Sue-Anne Lim to signify a company-wide brand transformation that centres on a growth culture. Lim told A+M that Trapper has a very flat hierarchy and hence, the decision-making process was straightforward and she has the full trust of the executive committee team. 

Trapper's new logo and purpose narrative seeks to help businesses solve growth challenges via innovative and integrated solutions. The new logo pays homage to 20 years of foundation that the agency has created and faces upward to indicate a keenness to forge ahead. A bold "T" represents a culmination of the hard work that went into building the business from the beginning and the shadow in stripes represents a rubber tree incision, paying homage to Trapper’s heritage.

The logo is also facing upper right to inspire progress and to remind the business to keep moving forward. The logotype of Trapper is simple, clean yet bold and solid to project confidence. It is also red in colour, which the agency believes is powerful to stimulate the mind and attract attention, signifying that Trapper is always ready to act on new goals. 

The rebranding exercise marks the first transformation that has taken place since the company's founding in 2001, making it a 20th milestone for Trapper. Trapper is wholly-owned by Trapper Group, a holding company which also owns SEED, TIN, Adwork and Adminer.

Chairman and co-founder of Trapper Group Sivanathan Krishnan said the new identity enables the company to communicate its purpose to the industry, clients, and talents, with clarity. "We want clients to expect more from us as we are confident that we can grow into their expectations if not exceeding it," he said.

Before kickstarting the rebranding process, Trapper audited itself and thereafter collaborated with external creative boutique agency Weideas. "We are not the type of clients that want a million iterations of a logo. We had a few options and when we saw this one, it just hit the spot," CEO Lim said.

She explained that the logo communicates everything about who Trapper is as a team, how it sees itself now and its ambition for the future. "We coined the term ‘The Growth Engineers’ ourselves because who knows us better than ourselves? I think strong branding is finding that delicate balance in honouring our heritage and innovation," she added.

The pandemic was the main factor that expedited the rebranding as it led the team to take a hard look at itself and its commitment to clients and the business community. While Trapper was not spared from the pandemic's impact, Lim said its first quarter has been "swinging back up and putting [it] back on the right track towards pre-pandemic times". "We are grateful for all the opportunities given and we also want to make sure we go the extra mile for our clients because we know it has been hard," she added.

Along with the rebranding is the appointment of Teo Chin Wern (pictured below) as strategy director. Teo joined from Vizeum where she was instrumental in developing winning propositions for brands and new businesses. According to Trapper, her immediate responsibility is to develop a new strategic planning framework that defines Trapper’s mission as a strategic growth partner for clients.

teo chin wern joins trapper

Chin said today's marketing dynamics have shifted and the playing field between independent agencies such as Trapper and large network agencies has levelled. "It is akin to the David versus Goliath lore, the emergence of quick marts versus hypermarkets. Boutique agencies like Trapper is closer to your business because we understand your undercurrents and consumers better," she explained.

The agency is looking to expand its strategy team and seeks individuals who want to grow their capability and capacity. In particular, individuals who are aligned to its culture and ambition. "We want people who are underdogs and are hungry to make a change. Skills are everywhere, attitude is scarce," Lim explained.

To futureproof itself, Trapper restructured teams to ensure they are agile and responsive to the market changes. "We need to treat everything we do like how we would in the digital space. It is applying strategy at scale," she said. Lim added that Trapper also tried to build stronger team motivation, by giving employees a purpose to be with the agency and help them love what they do. Each employee has a growth statement that aligns with Trapper's purpose. 

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