Toyota Malaysia drives gender equality discussion through festive film

Toyota Malaysia has unveiled a Raya film with an unconventional twist to the traditional way of festive storytelling. While Raya films are known to tug at heartstrings or depicting hilarious festive instances, the spot by Toyota revolves around gender equality at the heart of the household.

Drawing inspiration from movie concepts such as Groundhog Day, the story of Pulang Kembali remains rooted in the simple act of trying to do what is right. Featuring local actors Jad Hidir, Annie Mosha and Damia, the film pivots around an unfortunate man who lives through the same day over and over again, while moments of quiet humour are laced between the family members.

In a statement to A+M, a Toyota spokesperson said viewers might not recognise the catchy tune used in the video, and that composition was created from scratch. Inspired by Malaysian pop, the spokesperson added that the track is "more than just background music", as it acts as a plot hook with a message. The film was done in partnership with ad agency, The Clan.

The campaign will be marketed on Toyota's microsite as well as social channels. "Ardent followers of Toyota are given a bit of fan-service in the form of some unexpected vehicles in the film, but all drivers will be able to enjoy promos and rebates on vehicles, parts and service," the spokesperson said.

Campaign credits
Creatives: Casey Loh, Rudy La Faber, Edwin Lee, Nikke Ho, Nuraini Nadzli, Fissh Gan, Muhammad Zairul, Adhi Firdausi, Abby Lee
Account management: Syed Nasir, Sandra Heung, Mandy Khoo, Yasmin Mahmod
Production house: The Pluto Project
Director: Syed Madnuh
Executive producer: Prinz Joseph
Post production house: Outpost Production
Audio house: Grand Theft Records