Toyota unveils AR campaign for CNY after picking The Clan as creative partner

Toyota Malaysia got creative with its Lunar New Year messaging this year by rolling out its #DRIVEHOME AR Greeting, a Facebook driven AR post that allows users to record their own face and message to a greeting that can be saved and shared on multiple platforms or directly via Facebook.

Done in collaboration with The Clan, the #DRIVEHOME greeting features three key vehicles from Toyota - Vios, Camry, and Hilux. The goal of the AR campaign is to remind the public to be safe on the road.

Toyota picked The Clan as its digital creative agency following a pitch last July, and the agency is responsible for duties such as strategic development, conceptualisation, creative execution, content creation, web and app development as well as monitoring of all its digital and social platforms.

This includes Toyota’s website, email marketing platforms, mobile app, social media platforms, influencer engagements, and after sales integration. This signals Toyota’s journey towards full digital transformation.