Tourism New Zealand celebrates its 16th with new campaign identity

Tourism New Zealand has unveiled a new commercial and a refreshed visual identity to mark the campaign’s 16th this year.

The ad will showcase how New Zealand’s diverse range of unique experiences are all within easy reach and can all be experienced with ease.The message, “Every day a different journey”, brings the campaign to life while new typography and hand crafted logo, developed by local designers and artists, cements the work as unique to New Zealand.

Chief executive Kevin Bowler said that while the past three years of 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand have been extraordinarily successful with international visitor numbers at record levels, it was time for the message to evolve.

Bowler said, “For the next phase of 100% Pure New Zealand, we’ll be emphasising our story of closeness and diversity.”

The new commercial shows how travellers move seamlessly from one experience to the next.

The commercial will appear on television and in cinemas in Australia, and on-line and in paid on-line media activity across all Tourism New Zealand priority markets from 1 July 2015. The campaign also sports a new visual identity, ‘Pure Pākati’.

“We wanted our creative work to look unmistakably from New Zealand, so we called on the services on New Zealand typographer Kris Sowersby to design a font just for Tourism New Zealand,” Bowler said.

Carver and artist Rangi Kipa was commissioned to carve the letters out of native Kauri timber using traditional skills. The wooden blocks were then inked, printed and digitised to create a distinct and original typeface and logo mark called ‘Pure Pākati’.

The refreshed visual identity for Tourism New Zealand will be used in all its advertising and promotion work. The design will be used in all Tourism New Zealand activity including marketing, display advertising, for exhibitions, and for


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