Tourism Ministry ready to revise Visit Malaysia 2020 logo, says minister

The Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry is ready to revise the Visit Malaysia 2020 logo design if required.

According to multiple media reports including Bernama, the New Straits Times and the Malay Mail Online, Minister of Tourism and Culture Mohammadin Ketapi, said the country has "a long time" before 2020 to improve on or touch up the existing design "if necessary". He added that while people have said that the logo was criticised, he feels that is not the case as everyone has their own perspective.

Launched earlier this year, the logo was quickly mocked by netizens for its poor design. Designed to look like a postage stamp, the logo carries the tagline “Travel. Enjoy. Respect.” It features an Orang Utan with its arm around a proboscis monkey and a turtle on the beach, as well as the Petronas Twin Towers in the background.

In an earlier press statement, the logo is intended to be a “colourful portrayal” of Malaysia’s treasured flora and fauna. However, some netizens were unable to share the government’s sentiment, and shared their dismay on Twitter. Many wondered how the logo was approved, commenting that it was “hideous”, “embarrassing” and not reflective of the advancements made by Malaysia. Others said the logo was a representation of mediocrity.

Meanwhile, then Tourism and Culture minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz defended the logo, saying it was designed by its in-house design department. He added that the team has been responsible for designing all Visit Malaysia Year logos since 1990. Responding to the online flak then, he said that criticism is normal and the consensus of the whole country cannot be achieved as the logo will otherwise not be completed by 2020. He added that the logo was meant for tourists rather than the locals, and that he trusts his staff members choices.