Touch ‘n Go to drive eWallet usage at cashless Ramadan bazaar

Touch ‘n Go is ramping up marketing efforts for its eWallet this Ramadan by organising a cashless bazaar in Kampong Bharu. Besides receiving “Raya cashback” when they make payments through the eWallet, users are also given a chance to win cashback worth RM1,000,000 in the “Ketupat Runtuh” promotion.

As part of the bazaar, Touch ‘n Go has brought together over 400 food stalls, offering users with instant cashback of up to RM1,000 until 30 June when they use the eWallet. Touch 'n Go spenders can also purchase tiered exclusive merchandise, priced decreasingly with higher spending amounts.

Additionally, it has lined up a series of activities such as “Katch Kucing Kashless”, where visitors can win prizes by racing to catch five hidden “Kucing” at the bazaar and posting a selfie with them on Facebook with the hashtags: #KatchKucing, #rayasempoitng, #rayasempoi, and #tngewallet. There will also be several local celebrity appearances to help drive traffic to the event. Meanwhile, Touch ‘n Go has also launched the Kucing Kashless Rekomen on its online campaign page, listing weekly recommendations to help Malaysians choose where to go and what to eat during bulan puasa.

Last month, Touch ‘n Go and EZ-Link jointly collaborated to jointly develop a dual currency Combi Card that will allow users to pay for urban mobility in both Malaysia and Singapore. Targeted for launch in the fourth quarter of this year, the card will host electronic wallets from both platforms. Touch ‘n Go CEO Syahrunizam Tan Sri Samsudin said that the partnership is one of the many ways Touch ‘n Go is innovating to bring the benefits of cashless payments to wider market segments.

Touch ‘n Go obtained the approval from Bank Negara Malaysia to operate and offer mobile e-wallet services to Malaysians in January 2018. The mobile e-wallet aims to enable Malaysians to experience a secure, convenient and seamless payment ecosystem by using Quick Response (QR) codes to perform transactions.