Top Unilever marketer Mathieu moves to Samsung

Unilever’s senior VP of marketing Marc Mathieu has left the brand, according to AdAge.

Unilever’s most senior marketer after chief marketing officer Keith Weed, Mathieu has been tipped to move to Samsung to replace Todd Pendleton, Samsung US’ CMO for its mobile division.

A Unilever spokesperson was quoted in the article as confirming the move. "Marc will be leaving Unilever to join Samsung," a Unilever spokeswoman said in an email. "We thank him for his achievements here and wish him all the best in his new role," said the article.

Mathieu was behind major moves for Unilever such as its Foundry startup incubator effort, recently launched in Asia this year.

“The Unilever Foundry is our platform to harness, nurture and evolve thousands of innovative ideas from the entrepreneurial community,” said Mathieu. “It has simplified the way that small start-ups and entrepreneurs engage with a company of our size, offering an exciting opportunity for the best and brightest to pilot their technology with us,” he said of the Foundry move.