Study: Majority of marketing, ad execs unhappy with top management

Folks in the advertising and marketing industry in Malaysia are not happy.

According to the recent survey on “Employees’ Job Satisfaction in Malaysia”, advertising and marketing, which falls under its Arts/Media/Communications category, 78% of respondents were not happy with their jobs.

Approximately 48% of respondents intended to leave in less than one year, with 35% intending to leave within one to three years. This suggests that a total of 83% of respondents are intending to leave within the next three years.

Nearly 70% of those in this field disclosed that this is because they were not satisfied with their company’s quality of leadership and management. Meanwhile, 74% added that their salaries were too low or not enough to survive with.

In an earlier article, maagency folks also told A+M that Malaysia’s agency scene finds itself in a talent shortage. While ad activity and budgets for the Malaysian ad market remain high, talent is a shortage. Could the issue with top management then be the reason why many are exiting the scene?

This phenomenon is not restricted to the Malaysia ad scene alone. Across the board, majority of employees said dissatisfaction is due to poor quality of leadership or management in companies.  Meanwhile, across industries in Malaysia, approximately 74% of the respondents claimed that they were not satisfied with their current jobs. Salaries are often perceived as the main factor that influences job satisfaction. Only 11% of the respondents disclosed that their salaries were a compelling factor in their job dissatisfaction.

A total of 631 employees took part in the Job Satisfaction Survey that was conducted by

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