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Top 10 YouTube videos in Hong Kong in 2018

Authentic and creative video content captures the hearts of Hong Kong people, as three out of the Top 10 YouTube trending videos were produced by local creator group FHProductionHK.

YouTube Hong Kong Rewind 2018 reveals Hongkongers’ trending video content on the platform, namely Top 10 trending Videos, Top 10 trending Cantopop music videos, Top 10 trending international music Videos, and Top 10 rising creators.

“黃子華 Dayo 2012 棟篤笑 洗燥 01” uploaded by stand-up comedian Dayo Wong tops the chart, followed by a fitness training video “20MINS特強瘦大腿操”  by Coffee LamThe short branded film about campus love “緣份” by YouTube creator FHProductionHK rose to third place this year, alongside its two other short films secured the fourth and fifth place, proving the success of authenticity.

According to YouTube, over 85% of Hong Kong’s YouTube viewers say they know about YouTube’s original creator content, and more than 60% say they have watched original creator content on YouTube. Original and creative content resonates well with audiences, including brand content with a strong storyboard, creativity, and authenticity.

“黃子華 Dayo 2012 棟篤笑 洗燥 01”



This year’s ranking lists also reflect the trend of mainstream creatives embracing online video platform, with singers and artists uploading music videos, creating more video content, sharing exclusive content, and even hosting YouTube livestream concerts, interacting with fans on YouTube.

This year, the popular Cantopop song “缺” by Hins Cheung not only tops the list of Top 10 Trending Cantopop Music Videos, but also claims the ninth place on the Top 10 Trending International Music Videos. In addition to releasing new MVs on his YouTube channel, Hins Cheung also creates lighthearted fun content such as pranks and travel vlogs.

“獻醜(合唱版)” by local singer Ken Hung and YouTube creator Edward Slime also successfully catches audiences’ eyeballs, demonstrating the synergy of combining the traditional and digital.

YouTube Rewind Hong Kong also recognises talented creators who have seen strong growth in their popularity and subscribers over the past year. ZAmericanEnglish is the top rising creator, who has hit 1.7 million subscribers and garnered over 60 million views since October 2017. Followed by Ben’s gadget reviews and 100most(毛記電視).

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