Top 10 reasons to work in an agency

It’s Friday and we thought we’d end the week on a positive note. Agency life is tough but as with everything, it has its upsides as well.

If you work in an agency, here’s a list of things you should be thankful for:


Advertising agencies win hands down when it comes to office interior and design (with the exception of Google and Facebook). Designed to stimulate the minds and cultivate creativity, agency offices are, we think, one of the highlights of being in this industry.

2. Flexi hours

You could walk into the office at 10am and nobody would give you the evil stare, because they know you probably left the office at midnight last night.


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Feeling like sporting that neon top, with that purple nail polish and black lipstick? Not a problem! Because you work in an agency and you’re viewed as a ‘character’ when you dress the way you feel. “I’ve had compliments from a boss saying ‘You look nice’ when I was just in my t-shirt and pants,” an agency talent told A+M.



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This is the next best thing to free booze. (Although we think it’s probably your boss’ way of luring everyone in to work early)


5. Dynamic atmosphere

There’s no better way to learn about other industries and businesses than being in an agency. “You deal with so many clients and this interaction with clients pushes you to learn so much more about things outside of your own work scope. I love the experiences and the exposure,” an exec said.


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With talent an issue today, agencies are focusing on talent development strategies and programmes, like company trips, recreational activities and brainstorming sessions. “It’s so different here as we are evaluated on a regular basis and that enables me to know what I’m doing wrong or right. I joined from a smaller local company, and we never had that there,” said an exec.


7.  You can Facebook all day long

You don’t have to scramble to close the browser when someone walks past when you’re Facebook-ing because, hey, guess what, it’s OK! Feeling jealous yet, banking folks?



Agency guys work hard but they party harder. Don’t forget the access to private parties and events. “I love how we can rub shoulders with celebrities sometimes,” said an exec at a creative agency.



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As deadline looms, work hours stretch and girls get catty. But it’s all good because at the end of the day, it’s a healthy and fun work environment and everyone treats each other like family. “We have so much drama but we get the job done.”



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You put on your thinking cap and you think outside the box and stretch your creative muscles and become as whacky as possible, within limits, in coming up with ideas. Where else could you do this?

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