Top 10 brands that Hongkongers are proudest to work for

Rolex is the brand that people in Hong Kong would be proudest to work for, according to new analysis.

YouGov released the latest ranking list of the YouGov BrandIndex, which asked respondents in Hong Kong whether they would be proud or embarrassed to work at 290 brands. These rankings were based on a year’s worth of data to 30 April 2018.

YouGov employer brand ranking2

In a list populated by a sprinkling of upmarket brands, Rolex, the luxury watch manufacturer tops the Employer Reputation rankings with a score of 28.5. It is ahead of hospitality provider, Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts (+24.7), and payments provider VISA (23.0). Sports goods brand Nike is forth (20.7), and banking giant HSBC rounds out the top five (20.2).

Higher-end brands fill out the rest of the top ten. Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts is in sixth (19.4), while fashion house Chanel in seventh (18.4). Shiseido, the Japanese personal care brand, is the employer in eighth position (18.2), while the Mandarin Oriental Hotel comes in tenth (16.9).

YouGov employer brand ranking1

YouGov has also published its top ten improvers, which is dominated by airline brands. Malaysian Airlines(+4.5)  is the brand with the most improved reputation as an employer, followed by China Eastern Airlines (+3.2) in second and China Airlines (+3.0) in third. Elsewhere on the list, Thai Airways is joint seventh alongside Hong Kong Airways (both +1.8).

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