Top 10 brands Malaysian women love

Women in Malaysia seem to have a higher liking towards internet brands as compared to retail brands.

According to an article by Bernama, YouGov's BrandIndex announced the top 10 best-perceived brands among women in Malaysia. WhatsApp, Google and Facebook ranked high in the women's impression scores in Malaysia. Toyota and Apple iPhone ranked fourth and fifth.

Lazada, Honda, Rexona, YouTube and Dettol rounded out this year's top 10 list. A+M has reached out to YouGov for more details on the report.

The report highlighted that Malaysian women's minds are dominated by internet brands in a scenario where women in other APAC countries have a stronger inclination towards fashion and retail brands.

The rankings were calculated by measuring "impression scores" on each brand among female respondents in the region for a period of 12 months through January 2017. The respondents were above the age of 18 years.

The scores were measured by asking questions such as "Do you have a general positive or negative feeling about the brand?"

The score scale ranged from 100 to - 100. The results were then analysed by deducting the negative feedback from the positive ones. A zero on the score scale indicated a neutral impression.