Tokio Marine Life Insurance gets couples reflecting about retirement

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore has launched a new campaign which aims to encourage couples to start discussing their financial future and post-retirement aspirations with one another.

Called #IKnowYouBest, the campaign recognises that almost three quarters of retirees globally have been unable to realise at least one of their dreams since retiring. The video features four local couples of various backgrounds imagining their future together, and highlights the sometimes-differing expectations and dreams they have for their post-retirement lives.

The #IKnowYouBest campaign is slated to run until October 2016, with TMLS inviting the public to share personal anecdotes about their loved ones through a contest accessible via the company’s official Facebook page from mid-September 2016.

Since its launch on Facebook on 2 September 2016, the video has garnered 47,267 views, 118 reactions and 144 shares at the time of writing.

By encouraging couples to think about their long-term future together, TMLS also hopes to start Singaporeans thinking about financial planning at an early stage. Additionally, it hopes to address wider concerns of an impending retirement gap in Singapore.

These concerns have been fuelled by research findings indicating that most Singaporeans – especially women – consider themselves inadequately prepared for retirement. This is further complicated by the common sentiment which sees Singaporeans perceiving their grown-up children to be relied on as a secure source of retirement income.

“While financial planning is an integral part of this process, starting the conversation about post-retirement expectations is the first step. With this campaign, we hope to inspire couples in Singapore to talk about their aspirations and how they can work together towards achieving their ideal futures,” James Tan, chief executive officer at TMLS said.