To Great Eastern, age is more than a number

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Think that clocking 10,000 steps a day will keep you healthy? Think again!

Find out what else you should also pay attention to and get your FitAge score – a holistic measure of your physical activity, sleep adequacy and cardiovascular fitness – so that you can step up and score the fit and healthy body you’ve always wanted.

In 2018, insurer Great Eastern launched its health and wellness mobile app GETGREAT as one of the first industry movers to get customers to move and groove for healthier, longer and better lives.

With dedicated fitness programmes, a steps tracker and an in-app assistant, GERI, GETGREAT helps keep users on track towards their health and wellness goals, and further incentivises fitness buffs through its aggregated rewards and lifestyle mobile platform UPGREAT.

This year, Great Eastern is doubling up, or even tripling its promise to get you focused on fitness, with the launch of FitAge, the latest feature on its GETGREAT app.

This new feature provides its users with a calculation of their FitAge, represented by how many years younger or older they are with respect to their actual physical age. FitAge serves as a barometer to help users live better by understanding their state of health or how healthy or unhealthy they actually are.

This calculation is based on three key factors. One factor is physical activity, measured by the number of steps taken per day.

The second often overlooked factor is rest, measured by the number of hours of sleep per day, with seven to nine hours being the recommended amount for adults to function at their optimum.

The third factor is cardiovascular fitness, which measures our resting heart rate. A resting heart rate of 64bpm and under is ideal and is indicative of a healthy individual.

Recent studies and reports have shown that Singaporeans have some of the highest resting heart rates while being some of the worst sleepers in the world.

To get started on FitAge, all users need to do is pair their personal wearables to GETGREAT for their FitAge to be calculated as accurately as possible, and tracked for improvements in all areas.

Depending on their FitAge score, users will earn STARS to redeem for rewards via the lifestyle mobile platform UPGREAT.

From 1 February to the end of 2020, Great Eastern will be rewarding additional STARS to policyholders of its GREAT Life Advantage investment linked plan. These policyholders are entitled to additional STARS based on their policy’s total sum assured amount, and can stand to earn up to $110 worth of rewards over this period.

What are you waiting for? Get fit through FitAge now!

Download GETGREAT. It’s free.

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