Tmall Global launches English version of its website

Tmall Global has launched its first English-language website, aiming to attract foreign brands to join the platform.

The new website includes steps on how to open a flagship store on Tmall Global and tap direct import tools, such as Tmall Overseas Fulfillment (TOF), an initiative launched last year. The portal also provides tools to streamline the process for joining Tmall Global, and advises businesses on how to optimise their operations.

Tmall Global has already featured 20,000 international brands in over 4,000 categories from 77 countries and regions. The latest move aims to attract small, medium-sized, and niche brands from abroad. In addition to English, Tmall Global has plans to launch Spanish, Japanese, and Korean websites to further attract foreign businesses.

“Tmall Global’s mission is to connect high-quality international brands across the globe with Chinese consumers. We believe the launch of this English-language website will expedite the process for brands and merchants to introduce their products to Chinese consumers,” said Yi Qian, deputy general manager of Tmall Global.