Infograph: How your brand is used on social media

Images and videos are replacing text as a primary way users communicate on social media.

Research from visual marketing firm Chute shows 96% of photos shared on Instagram and Twitter about brands are positive, while text tweets are seven times more likely to be negative versus photo tweets.

"Visual materials like images and videos are important because they’re often the fastest and easiest way to get across a point or feeling - being processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text," Jody Farrar, marketing director of Chute, told Marketing.

"Brands feel pressure to constantly create and share content more than ever and that pressure is only going to grow."

The UK-based creative agency Wyzowl has put together an infograph to illustrate the power and effectiveness of visual communication:


"Now social media isn’t just a marketing tool, it’s also imperative for customer service, commerce, and research and development," said Farrar.

Brevity is key when it comes to social media, she believes, but even more important than brevity is authenticity, when communicating on social media.

"We see this attribute as being the overarching goal for brands’ visual communication strategies in the future - and we’re just now hitting the tipping point."