Time Out Hong Kong set to return as a free title

Following the takeover of Time Out Hong Kong by London-based Time Out Group from Rubicon Communications, the lifestyle magazine is set to relaunch as a free print magazine this autumn, Hong Kong Free Press reports.

This March, Rubicon Communications, the former publisher of Time Out Hong Kong was no longer be managing the English-language magazine while its website would be operated directly by Time Out Group.

According to Timothy Webb, international vice president of Time Out Group and managing director of Time Out Hong Kong said in the interview, the news outlet will change its distribution model by going free, increasing the print circulation as well as adding new content formats across print and digital.

And it plans to distribute the magazines by hand at "major transit points" as well as through hotels, bars, restaurants and club.

The online magazine team now moves to a temporary office in Kennedy Town until summer and the resumption of its print publication.

Marketing has reached out to Time Out Hong Kong for comment.