TikTok offers Thai consumers splash of happiness following cancelled Songkran festival

TikTok Thailand has launched an interactive film titled "Songkran Stranger" to combat the second cancellation of Thailand's water-splashing festival Songkran. The campaign was launched with Wunderman Thompson and utilises the "duet" and "stitch" features found in the TikTok app to allow millions of users in Thailand to virtually insert themselves into scenes of the TikTok film, interacting however they please.

The film includes actor Mario Maurer and model Linn Mashannoad Suvalmas. The interactive film follows Suvalmas, a woman who gets dumped every Songkran, because she turns into a different person every time she gets splashed with water. She then meets the bartender, Maurer, who is the only man willing to date her despite her condition.

According to its press release, the film generated over 94 million views and more than 92,000 user generated content participation in six days. In two weeks, the official “Songkran Strangers” TikTok account gained 1.5 million likes and 165k followers.

Surayot Aimlaor, head of consumer marketing at TikTok said: “In addition to delivering happiness during the Songkran Festival at a time when we all have to keep our distance from each other, the film has been incorporated into TikTok's DNA, providing vertical short video content, and engaging viewers with content through the hashtag campaign. It makes use of popular features and sounds that viewers can use to create their own content." Aimlaor added that amidst the challenges of Songkran Festival in Thailand, TikTok continued to strive to inspire creativity and bring joy to people with the short film ‘Songkran Stranger’.

Thasorn Boonyanate, Wunderman Thompson Thailand’s executive creative director said: “With the viewership exceeding the population of Thailand and a record cast of 92,000 co-stars in one film, I think it’s safe to say this is the biggest Songkran event in Thai history! No accidents, no alcohol, entertainment only.” 

“From the start, this campaign was meant to uplift Thai people’s spirits from missing out on their favourite festivities. In fact, thanks to TikTok, this will be the safest Songkran ever! No alcohol, no crowds, no COVID-19, just pure fun and entertainment,” Boonyanate added.

Several other brands have also collaborated with TikTok for campaigns, including instant noodle brand KOKA Noodles. It unveiled its “#GetBougiewithKOKA” campaign on TikTok in April this year, which aimed at changing consumers' perceptions on instant noodles. Working with five creators on TikTok, KOKA showcased how its range of low-fat purple wheat noodles can be elevated into a well-prepared delectable meal without too much effort and expensive ingredients. Through the campaign, KOKA looked to build brand awareness and create top-of-mind recall for the brand when it comes to healthy instant noodles. The campaign was done in collaboration with social media agency KRDS.

Aside from brand collaborations, TikTok also recently made news for appointing Singaporean ByteDance CFO Shouzi Chew as its CEO. Chew will be based in Singapore, while remaining as ByteDance’s CFO. According to his LinkedIn Chew was previously CFO and partner, director, president of International at Xiaomi Technology for over five years. Prior to joining ByteDance earlier this year, Chew held a number of senior roles with global mandates in the technology and investment community. In 2013 he led a team that became one of the earliest investors in the company. He is based in his hometown of Singapore.

According to the company, the move was a “strategic reorganisation to optimise TikTok's global teams” and support the company's “unprecedented growth". Yiming Zhang, founder and CEO of ByteDance said, Chew brings deep knowledge of the company and industry, having led a team that was among our earliest investors, and having worked in the technology sector for a decade. He will add depth to the team, focusing on areas including corporate governance and long-term business initiatives."

Photo courtesy: 123RF

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