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Tiger Beer reveals the man behind the Kallang Wave

Tiger Beer has launched its ‘Unofficial History of Singapore’ campaign featuring two mockumentaries of the country’s ‘history’.

In Part II of Tiger Beer’s installment of ‘Unofficial History’ of Singapore, the local beer reveals the man behind the Kallang Wave, Chu Beng Huat.

In this ad, a mysterious crate was found in an abandoned bunker, revealing the identity of Chu Beng Huat. Tiger Beer has an exclusive interview with him sharing his incredible rags-to-riches story. Watch it for yourself:

Tiger Beer tied up with creative agency BBDO Singapore to create the campaign inspired by the original Tiger Beer can that was first launched in 1965, the same year Singapore gained independence. Meanwhile, a teaser campaign for the ‘Unofficial History of Singapore’ campaign saw the brand struggle with its guerrilla marketing strategies.

Tiger Beer also recently appointed The Secret Little Agency as its global digital agency after a closed door pitch .

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