Tiger Beer rolls out youth campaign 'Uncaged Heroes'

Tiger Beer has launched its latest "Uncage Heroes" campaign globally, with its focus on young creatives whose bold approach to their craft have also served a good cause. This saw marketing activations being run across 13 markets.

This includes Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Germany among others. First be featured on its website, the campaign will culminate in a global event hosted by Tiger Beer in September 2018 at Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Music in Venice, Italy.

The campaign features a eclectic group of individuals dubbed as "Uncaged Heroes" from diverse fields such as dance, technology, fashion, art and food. Through this, the brand aims to highlights the impact of creativity, and inspire people to look beyond familiar faces to discover those who are truly shaping the future. The brand also looks to push the message that anyone can make a positive impact in the world as long as the they have the courage to pursue their passion.

The launch comprises of a film featuring the stories of these heroes, which will be shared through the social media channels and campaign website of Tiger Beer. In a statement to Marketing, the heroes were chosen for their unconventional ways to develop their craft, and make a positive impact. Their unique stories and creative courage also served as an inspiration for the campaign.

Watch the spot here:


Jeremy Beadles, regional corporate affairs director of Tiger Beer, HEINEKEN Asia Pacific, said the brand has always done things in a different way and challenged norms to help people uncage their tiger spirit.

“Our belief is that the best ideas are born on the streets, in much the same way our brand started life on the hot streets of Singapore. Uncaged is a reminder of the tremendous potential that lies within the young generation, and we want to use our global scale to ensure that these people are given the recognition and support they deserve as they use their creative talent to make a positive impact in their communities,” he added.